Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stop This Shit

The Human experience is vast and wonderful, and that is why I despise religion

Think of the Human experience as a a giant building with many people inside of it. All of the lights are off and there are no windows. Several people have found flashlights and are trying to map out the corridors. Most of us are wandering around the two or three rooms we're familiar with in one big stupid looking group. There are quite a few people however, yelling out ridiculous things like "Just behind this locked door is a carnival", despite the fact there hasn't been any carnival in any of the rooms before. Perhaps I could tolerate religion and superstition if that were the end of it. 


To take the irritation a step further, there are still more asshats running around and shutting off the lights in the halls. These unstoppable geniuses discredit the people who are trying to find ways to understand this mystery house the rest of us are stuck in. They insist that all of this methodical exploration is completely the wrong way to go about it. Some of them even have the stones to convince people that they have the floorplan for the building. People who follow this floorplan often end up falling through unfinished floors or walking out open windows. 

I for one have absolutely had it with these fools. There are plenty of people who are working very hard to figure out just what the hell is going on around here and I can't stand watching a bunch of morons ruining it for everyone. I won't stand idly by and watch you woo people into nonsense.
You're on notice.


  1. Everyone on this planet is certainly entitled to their own opinions and beliefs because, quite frankly, none of us know why we are here or what definitely lies on the other side. That being said, I completely agree that far too many people have the audacity to publicly seduce misinformed people into a session of foreplay that never actually gets to the good part they keep bracing you for. Especially in an age of infinite information and communication at our very fingertips, it seems absurd that anybody would continue to blindly believe anything. Why is it that opinions are valued over knowledge in this era? It's because it is fucking easy. It's easy to believe someone who claims to know the world's secrets because it would take too much time and effort to ask yourself the hard questions or accept the hard answers. The big problem isn't with the religious fanatics, the sheep they herd or even the make-believe stories they tell. The true problem is that the human race as a group has stopped being self-aware. As a mass, we are scared little wimps who would rather take comfort in the idea of a carnival outside of the room instead of just accepting that you are never going to know until you open that door and see for yourself. I say believe what you will, just don't try to make the non-believers out to be assholes to make yourself feel superior. After all, we are all in the same over-crowded boat here.

  2. Just because neither you nor I know what is behind a locked door doesn't mean I'm not justified in making fun of you for saying that there are Jedis riding raptors just beyond it.

  3. I say that because that's the implication behind the statement "everyone's entitled to their own opinion".